PVG Valvessd3

PVG 16

The PVG 16 is a hydraulic load sensing proportional valve designed to give maximum flexibility in design and build concept.

The PVG 16 is designed as a load sensing directional control valve which will lead to increased application efficiency, reducing
cooling requirements and fuel saving compared to conventional directional control valves.

It can also be combined well with PVG 32, a PVG 100 and PVG 120       



  •  Max flow 140/230 * L / min.
  •  Flow section from 5 to 65 L / min.
  •  System pressure up to 350 bar.
  •  Up to 12 basic modules per PVG 16 valve group.
  •  Open center for fixed displacement pump and closed center variable displacement.
  •  Several types of port connection threads.
  •  Valves shock and / or anti-cavitation.


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