PVG Valvessd3

PVG 32

PVG 32 is a hydraulic load sensing valve designed to give maximum flexibility. From a simple load sensing directional valve, to an advanced electrically controlled loadindependent proportional valve.

The PVG 32 modular system makes it possible to build up a valve group to meet requirements precisely. The compact external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged whatever combination is specified.

   It can also be combined well with PVG 16, PVG 100 and with a 120

  •    Maximum flow 140l/min by section.
  •    Maximum pressure 350 bar by section.
  •    Up to a maximum of 12 units per distributor.
  •    Open center for fixed displacement pump and closed center variable displacement.
  •    Different spool type (A & B closed, A & B to T, float position, drawer PC ...).
  •    Shock/suction valves for A and B ports
  •    LS pressure limiting valves individually adjustable for ports A and B


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